At this point you will need to be double vaccinated to travel and may need other tests
done.  You may also be required to wear a mask on the plane and indoors and at other times. If you are not willing to comply with the above mentioned please do not apply.

Step 1 
- Fill out application completely (if you have traveled with PI before, you can skip Part B) and submit it along with the $500 deposit. If you are not accepted for the trip, $460 of your $500 will be returned to you*.   

*$40 covers the cost of the Background check. 

  Step 2  -  Once we receive your application and $500 deposit, we will process your application which includes:
  • checking references
  • brief interview* (you will be contacted by us)
*anyone that has traveled with PI in the past will not need to go through this part of the process

  Step 3  - Background Check.  We will send you a link to an online questionnaire for a criminal record check.  The cost of the “check” is included in your deposit.  If we have any concerns based on the information we receive, we will contact you.

  Step 4 - Once the above steps are completed, we will contact you. If you are accepted to the team, we will create an online profile for you where your friends, family, co-workers etc can donate towards your trip and our team projects online. In addition,  we will supply you with fundraising cards you can hand out or mail to your contacts. If you are not accepted to the team, $460 of your deposit will be refunded to you. The balance covers the cost of the background check. 

 You may choose to pay in full when you register or pay in installments but please note the following: 
  1. $500 deposit is due with application  in order to begin processing application. 
  2. Installment of $750 is due before August 31, 2022
  3. Installment of $750 is due before October 31, 2022
  4. Remaining balance of $650 is due January 31, 2023
Click HERE and choose your trip from the drop down menu. Then scroll down until you find your profile and use the donate button (increments of $10).

For your initial deposit, click HERE and 
Choose the "other" option and write in "Trip deposit for [your name]"
For those who prefer to apply via regular mail, please download and complete ALL of the following documents:
Once completed, please mail to: 
Possibilities International
4158 Andrew Street
Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0
What will be doing on this trip?
We will be involved in building some houses, possibly holding a couple medical clinics,  interacting with some local children at the Innovating Dreamers School and we could also be involved with impacting some local folks at a landfill.

Possible tourist activities (we try to include 1 or 2 on every trip)
  • We will spending some time in Antigua(shopping)..maybe even ascend a volcano!





Contact us
Possibilities International
4158 Andrew St
Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0 519-577-2389
Charitable #843784364 RR0001

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